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Let’s make it on time without wasting time on it

What if I tell you that long queues in airports are also caused by the impatient passengers that arrive too far in advance at the airport? Today, we will analyze how the organization of the security check queue affects the waiting time of passengers.

Contest: How fast can you travel around the Netherlands?

. Suppose you are coming to the Netherlands for the first time, you want to enjoy your time in the country in the best possible way and probably visit and see as much as possible. So you rend a car and you decide to travel around. But now the challenge begins, planning such a trip!

Traffic congestion: Braess' Paradox

Can you imagine that the, seemingly innocent and quite natural, idea to build more roads in order to solve the traffic problem can be sometimes quite a bad idea.

Traffic congestion: Optimal tolling schemes

Congested road networks are a big problem in many countries. Building more roads is not always the best solution to solve this issue. One of the reasons for this is that drivers behave selfishly

Network analysis of tax treaties

Large international companies often do not send their profits directly from one country to another. Instead, they send it via other countries, so-called conduit countries, to reduce the tax they pay. Which countries are the most important conduit countries?

Networks participation at SWI with a TNO problem

On January 23-27, 2017, the Study Group Mathematics with the Industry (SWI 2017) took place in Amsterdam. Networks participated in the SWI 2017 event with a problem which combined the various scientific areas represented in Networks.