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Science in the city

In the city of Utrecht there are four wall paintings of Dutch physisists. Do you know which ones? In this short blog post we want to take you on a virtual bike ride in the city of Utrecht.

Evening of the Turing Award

The Turing Award of 2020 was awarded to Alfred Vaino Aho, from Columbia University, and Jeffrey David Ullman, from Stanford University, whose work has contributed greatly to the way computers are controlled.

Reducing ambulance response times

Sandjai Bhulai and Rob van der Mei have been working together for more than twenty years to devise mathematical solutions to a wide array of societal challenges.

How does it work?

In this category we collect all articles where we explain how various real world networks work.

Percolation game is online!

The networks game is online and ready to be used! The goal of the game? To show how percolation works on a network created by the people participating in the game!