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Four young mathematicians win the Fields medal!

On the 5th of July, the Fields medals 2022 were awarded to four mathematicians. The four mathematicians that won the Fields medals this year are: Hugo Duminil-Copin, June Huh, James Maynard. and Maryna Viazovska.

Poster Women in Mathematics

EWM-NL has prepared a poster about women in mathematics, inspired by a poster on Notable Women in Computing. In this article you can find the beautiful poster, prepared by a joint Dutch and UK team comprising Maria Vlasiou and Silvy Hendriks (NL), and Houry Melkonian.

Biological and brain networks

Scientists use often networks to study biological and neurological processes . In this category we collect articles on this topic.

Interviews with László Lovász and Avi Wigderson

László Lovász and Avi Wigderson received the prize for their pioneering contributions to theoretical computer science and discrete mathematics. One of these contributions was the incorporation of theoretical computer science and discrete mathematics as central parts of modern mathematics.

International Women's Day

Last Tuesday, the 8th of March, was the International Women's Day. On this occassion we would like to share some stories of women in science. We start with this video made bij IFL Science, which was published five years ago, but is still relevant. It shows some great women who changed the world.


In this category we collect all articles that concern the topic of chemistry and networks.

The crossroad of queueing theory and road traffic

Road traffic analysis is one of the topics that receives a lot of focus in the NETWORKS program. Are you courious to read what kind of questions about road traffic mathematicians try to answer? Have a look at this update.

Abel Prize Laureates Lectures

The new date for this event is April the 7th 2022 from 19:00 to 21:00 uur.  In April the Dutch Academy of Sciences and Arts (KMAW) organizes the "Evening of the Abel prize", a yearly event with as goal to discuss aspects of the research of the latest Abel prize laureates. The event is meant for a […]

The seed bank, a hidden storage of genetic diversity

On 18 November, Margriet Oomen obtained her PhD cum laude from the University of Leiden. Margriet did mathematical research into the influence of the seed bank on the genetic diversity of a population. In the press release of Leiden University, written by Dorine Schenk, we read: "Each year, poppies disperse seeds that grow into a new generation of […]