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The crossroad of queueing theory and road traffic

Road traffic analysis is one of the topics that receives a lot of focus in the NETWORKS program. Are you courious to read what kind of questions about road traffic mathematicians try to answer? Have a look at this update.

Abel Prize Laureates Lectures

The new date for this event is April the 7th 2022 from 19:00 to 21:00 uur.  In April the Dutch Academy of Sciences and Arts (KMAW) organizes the "Evening of the Abel prize", a yearly event with as goal to discuss aspects of the research of the latest Abel prize laureates. The event is meant for a […]

The seed bank, a hidden storage of genetic diversity

On 18 November, Margriet Oomen obtained her PhD cum laude from the University of Leiden. Margriet did mathematical research into the influence of the seed bank on the genetic diversity of a population. In the press release of Leiden University, written by Dorine Schenk, we read: "Each year, poppies disperse seeds that grow into a new generation of […]

Evening of the Turing Award

The Turing Award of 2020 was awarded to Alfred Vaino Aho, from Columbia University, and Jeffrey David Ullman, from Stanford University, whose work has contributed greatly to the way computers are controlled.

Reducing ambulance response times

Sandjai Bhulai and Rob van der Mei have been working together for more than twenty years to devise mathematical solutions to a wide array of societal challenges.

A solution to a long standing conjecture

Recently a team of mathematicians has published an article announcing a solution to a long standing open problem in graph theory, the Erdős - Faber - Lovász (EFL) conjecture. This conjecture was formulated in 1972 by mathematicians Paul Erdős, Vance Faber and László Lovász.