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Abel Prize 2024 to Michel Talagrand

The Abel Committee has awarded Michel Talagrand the 2024 Abel Prize `` for his groundbreaking contributions to probability theory and functional analysis, with outstanding applications in mathematical physics and statistics.

A peek into decision making in service systems

Often due to large waiting times customers abandon shops (online or physical), and owners don't realize that they have left. We call this a loss of opportunity. This is an important concept in queueing theory.

The 100 prisoners escape puzzle

In this article, we will discuss a mathematical riddle that "seems impossible even if you know the answer". It is better known as the 100 prisoners problem.

How do you decide who is the most important?

Imagine you’re in a remote village and only have a limited number of vaccines to distribute to protect the community from a deadly virus, who do you vaccinate?

A difficult decision, but necessary. Assuming that the disease is just as deadly for everyone in the community, the best way to prevent deaths is to contain the spread of the virus.

The share bike mystery

How is it possible that bikes are so perfectly spread out that they are available from almost anywhere? Who are these bike fairies that distribute them evenly across the city? Continue reading if you like to find out who they are and what type of mathematics is involved.

Percolation theory: about math and gossip

Percolation theory is a branch of mathematics at the interface between probability theory and graph theory. The term 'percolation' originates from materials science. A representative question is as follows. Suppose some liquid is poured over a porous material. Will the liquid be able to make its way from hole to hole and reach the bottom?

Shreds of memories of Paul Erdős

In mathematics it is almost impossible not to encounter the name of Paul Erdős. Much of his work centered around discrete mathematics, cracking many previously unsolved problems in the field.