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It is a pleasure to introduce ourselves as Young KWG, the newest addition to the Royal Dutch Mathematical Society (KWG). As our name suggests, our main goal is to attract and support young mathematicians in the early stages of their careers. When we say ‘young mathematicians’, we embrace a broad spectrum, ranging from bachelor students to (assistant/associate) professors, from aspiring mathematics teachers to industry professionals. With Young KWG, we aim to create a vibrant network in the Netherlands, a place where individuals can connect, interact, and learn from one another. We especially support international colleagues embarking on their careers in a new environment, ensuring a seamless integration into the mathematics community in the Netherlands. Our endeavors center around organizing events and workshops tailored for young mathematicians and increasing the visibility of the Dutch mathematical community.

Exciting events on the horizon

We are thrilled to share that we already have some exciting activities lined up for the upcoming academic year. First on the list is the Young KWG Day, an event that will kick-start Young KWG. During this day, scheduled for May 2024, we aim to bring together a diverse group of young mathematicians from across the Netherlands. Expect inspiring lectures and workshops on relevant topics such as grant writing, scientific presentations, and science communication. Another exciting event in our lineup is "A PhD, is that for me?". This annual event is meant for master students who are exploring the possibility of pursuing a PhD in mathematics. Following the success of previous editions in 2021 and 2022, we are happy to continue hosting this event, offering useful insights into the world of doctoral research.

Empowering young mathematicians

We will be preaching to the choir when saying that the world should see the beauty and power of mathematics. However, our mission extends beyond the confines of our community. Through our activities, we aim to show this passion for mathematical research to everyone. We aim to equip young mathematicians with effective communication and outreach skills, empowering them to express the beauty and relevance of their research to audiences beyond academia. Moreover, by providing them with a platform to showcase their work and achievements, we celebrate their contributions and give them the recognition they deserve. In line with our goal of empowerment, we aim to offer workshops and resources that focus on essential professional skills. From grant writing and scientific presentations to networking and career guidance, we aim to equip young mathematicians with the tools they need to thrive in their chosen paths, whether in academia or beyond.

Meet the Board

Allow us to introduce ourselves — the founding members of the Young KWG Board:

  • Nicos Starreveld (Chair) (Teacher in the Bachelor Mathematics at University of Amsterdam)

  • Lotte Weedage (Secretary) (PhD candidate at Twente University)

  • Sven Polak (Treasurer) (Assistant Professor at Tilburg University)

  • Bharti Bharti (PhD candidate at University of Amsterdam)

  • Mar Curco Iranzo (PhD candidate at Leiden University)

  • Pierfrancesco Dionigi (PhD candidate at Leiden University)

  • Martijn Gösgens (PhD candidate at Eindhoven University of Technology)

  • Nikki Levering (PhD candidate at University of Amsterdam)

  • Tom van der Zanden (Assistant Professor at Maastricht University)

Join Young KWG!

As the first board of Young KWG, we extend a warm invitation to all young mathematicians eager to explore, grow, and inspire. Together we can strengthen the Dutch mathematical community, extend our network, and create an inspiring environment for young minds. We are committed to keeping you updated on new Young KWG activities through the KWG website and newsletter, the Nieuw Archief voor Wiskunde, research institutes, and social media. Stay tuned, and if you have any questions, ideas, suggestions, or want to contribute, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! You can contact us at

Become a member of the Royal Dutch Mathematical Society (KWG)

If you are a mathematician in the Netherlands maybe you want to consider becoming a member of the KWG! Since the site of the KWG is mostly in Dutch (apologies for this, an English version is work in progress) we present the relevant details below.

Members of the KWG receive the magazine Nieuw Archief voor Wiskunde (NAW) four times a year. In NAW you can find many articles in both English and in Dutch. Members receive a discount on the entrance fee to the Dutch Mathematical Congress (NMC) (in English) and the Winter Symposium (Dutch). Members can also join sister organizations such as the American Mathematical Society, the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics and the Society for Statistics and Operations Research at a reduced rate.

The KWG has five different rates (per year; if you pay by direct debit you will receive a €2.50 discount):

  • Regular: €97.50

  • Reciprocity member (see website): €77.50

  • Pensioners and unemployed: €52.50

  • PhDs, master and bachelor students: €42.50 (max. 4 years)

  • Membership without New Archive voor Wiskunde: €57.50

In addition, the KWG offers mathematics students (including those following the teacher training program) a free one-year membership, immediately after obtaining their bachelor's or master's degree.

Every KWG member has the right to nominate a new member once a year, in which case the new member does not pay a membership fee for the first year.

This article was written for the Nieuw Archief voor Wiskunde and was published in the september issue. The published version of the article can be found here.