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One year has passed since I started working on the Network Pages. Through my articles I want to keep contact with the readers of the Network Pages and share some stories and ideas.

Stories and ideas mostly related to network science and to algorithms, to their applications, and to mathematics education. These are the areas where the Network Pages wants to make an impact.

Network science and algorithms

On the Network Pages we publish articles related to network science and algorithms, the two areas the research program NETWORKS focuses on. Our aim with the articles on the Network Pages is to present mathematical and algorithmic aspects of the theory of networks, and to show how amazing this modern scientific field is. Some articles may be more concerned with the theoretical mathematical aspects, while other articles may be more concerned with real-world applications. Many applications that we use on a daily basis rely on algorithms, think of Web search engines for example. Have a closer look at this article. Mathematics appear in other amazing applications as well, like neuroscience, telecommunications, queues, genetics, bitcoins.

Mathematics education

Education is a fascinating field. There are so many things going on in (mathematics) education. In the future blogs I will discuss some of the activities we are involved in. We will be present this year at the Nationale Wiskunde Dagen (National Mathematics Days) in February and the yearly conference of mathematics teachers next autumn. All the stories from these events will follow here! We see the Network Pages as a bridge between secondary education and the modern field of network science and algorithms. In March we will also organize the masterclass "NETWORKS goes to school" which has been running for two years now with big success.

I will keep this blog post short, it is just the start of my stories as member of NETWORKS and the Network Pages team. Stay connected!