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The Elegant Heist: Mastering the Art of Necklace Splitting

Ever wondered how stolen necklaces are tactfully divided? Join us on a captivating journey into the math under necklace splitting! This journey will lead us to a wonderful and very important theorem in mathematics, the Borsuk-Ulam theorem.

The 100 prisoners escape puzzle

In this article, we will discuss a mathematical riddle that "seems impossible even if you know the answer". It is better known as the 100 prisoners problem.

How many colors do you need to color a map?

A mathematician once told me that problems that are very simple to state can be very deceiving, and sometimes turn out to be extremely difficult to solve. One such problem was the Four Color Problem. 

The Network Science of Echo Chambers and Why It Matters

An echo chamber is a community wherein the same opinions are bounced around, endlessly ‘echoing’ with barely any change. And as they do, any other opinion is shunned, pushed aside, and eventually just rejected without consideration.

Enigma: a complexity titan

In times of war, secure communication can be the difference between life and death, or even winning or losing a war. The first to patent a rotor machine in Europe was Arthur Scherbius in 1918. Scherbius’ version of the rotor machine became a commercial success, unlike the other patented machines. Scherbius named his machine Enigma.

How to Plan for a Pandemic? An interview with Hans Heesterbeek

Prof. dr. ir. Hans Heesterbeek, one of the leading infectious disease epidemiologists in the Netherlands, is a busy man. Fortunately for us, Hans Heesterbeek had a gap in his schedule to yet again answer some questions, this time not asked by professional journalists, but by us, four students from the Technical University in Eindhoven.