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Enigma: a complexity titan

In times of war, secure communication can be the difference between life and death, or even winning or losing a war. The first to patent a rotor machine in Europe was Arthur Scherbius in 1918. Scherbius’ version of the rotor machine became a commercial success, unlike the other patented machines. Scherbius named his machine Enigma.

Attacking complex problems using preprocessing

A lot of services that we enjoy every day, for example commuting by train or ordering some product from a web-shop, give rise to very complex problems, like making the daily train schedule or deciding how all the products that have been ordered should be delivered. How can we efficiently solve such problems? In this article I will explain how a method called preprocessing works.

How to plan Valentine’s day using a matching algorithm

Finding a dating schedule that matches pairs of potential lovers up into dating couples, is an example of an algorithmic problem. There is a clearly defined input, given by the lists of who is considered an acceptable dating partner to whom. It is also clear what we want as the output: a pairing of classmates into acceptable boy-girl pairs that has as many pairs (dates) as possible. How can you find the best dating schedule?