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Science Illustrations updated

We have a special category with science illustations on various topics related to networks and algorithms. Many of these illustrations were developed specifically for the Network Pages. The four posters made for mathematics exhibition IMAGINARY have been added.

The Elegant Heist: Mastering the Art of Necklace Splitting

Ever wondered how stolen necklaces are tactfully divided? Join us on a captivating journey into the math under necklace splitting! This journey will lead us to a wonderful and very important theorem in mathematics, the Borsuk-Ulam theorem.

Start to jet lag behind. Moving to fairer competitions.

It is safe to say that traveling impacts the peak performance of teams and athletes in general - studies have been done across all kinds of sports that confirm this intuitive idea. Thus, to avoid unfair- and unhappiness, an organizer should aim to minimize the effect of travel time disparities.

The travelling salesman problem

Suppose you have a delivery service. You have one truck and have to deliver a large number of parcels to different cities in the country every day. Then you run into the following problem: in which order should you visit the cities?

A balanced schedule for the Premier League of Darts exists… and is not used…

The Premier League of Darts is an annual competition where the best darts players of the world compete over several months for the title, and the prize of £275.000. However… the schedule chosen by the PDC is unbalanced: some matches between pairs of specific players will occur relatively often, while others will occur very rarely.

How to plan Valentine’s day using a matching algorithm

Finding a dating schedule that matches pairs of potential lovers up into dating couples, is an example of an algorithmic problem. There is a clearly defined input, given by the lists of who is considered an acceptable dating partner to whom. It is also clear what we want as the output: a pairing of classmates into acceptable boy-girl pairs that has as many pairs (dates) as possible. How can you find the best dating schedule?