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Could the Future of Artificial Intelligence be Self-Organising?

One of the main building blocks of modern AI-tools are artificial neural networks, abstract models inspired by the structure and functions of biological neural networks which enable machines to "learn". In this article, I will discuss some thoughts on this topic.

The Versatility of Reinforcement Learning

After a busy week at work, Reinforcement Learning slowly sinks into his leather armchair. A smoky aroma fills the room to the tune of a crackling fire. With a deep gaze fixed on the flames dancing in the fireplace, he leisurely takes a sip of red wine.

AI thinks my dog is a Pig! Want to know why?

Applications of machine learning models are everywhere, with many online platforms and major science fields using tools relying on machine learning. Take, for example, image recognition and computer vision. But did you know that the results of supposedly perfect and accurate machine learning models can be deceived by slight perturbations in the data?

Some thoughts on ChatGPT

I was very excited and interested when I heard some months ago about ChatGPT and what it can do. Both as a mathematician and as a teacher I was very curious about the responses it would give to my questions.

Artificial intelligence for two-year olds

One of my biggest pleasures of life is to watch my children learn things that we take for granted. Some months ago my daughter learned the skill of jumping. I asked myself how to teach a machine to do this.

An elephant in the room

Do you see the elephant in this picture? This is not so easy for a computer, even if it is "intelligent".