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Structure in social networks

To find the network communities, we need a mathematical equation that describes when a division of the network into communities meets these two criteria.

Interview with Birgit Sollie

Birgit Sollie is a PhD student at the VU Amsterdam, where she does research in stochastic processes and mathematical biology. In this interview she talks about her research and her motivation for doing mathematics.

Mathematical rulers in Game of Thrones

The moment millions of fans have waited for is there: the finale of Game of Thrones. 75 characters in different parts of the world, fighting to be the ruler of the iron throne. But who is the mathematical ruler of the iron throne?

Young European Probabilists 2019

On March 25th – 29th the 15th YEP (Young European Probabilists) workshop took place in Eindhoven, focusing on information diffusion on networks. Network diffusion processes are present in many real-life scenarios.

How does a video go viral on Twitter?

There are various parameters that determine whether a video will go viral or not. The content plays a role of course but who uploads the video is also important. What do networks have to do with a video going viral?

Networks in breakfast

My favorite muesli contains cranberries, raisins and oats. But what do other people like to eat in their muesli? A muesli network gives the answer!

A Santa Claus network

Poor Santa has to travel all across the country to deliver all his presents. How does he do this?