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Dispatching experts to do maintenance

Using data analytic techniques and Artificial Intelligence you can analyse data from hospitals and discover hidden patterns that allow us to often predict (within a margin of accuracy) failures before they happen. When a failure is predicted, we issue an alert and we plan for preventive maintenance by an expert engineer.

A peek into decision making in service systems

Often due to large waiting times customers abandon shops (online or physical), and owners don't realize that they have left. We call this a loss of opportunity. This is an important concept in queueing theory.

The travelling salesman problem

Suppose you have a delivery service. You have one truck and have to deliver a large number of parcels to different cities in the country every day. Then you run into the following problem: in which order should you visit the cities?

Reducing ambulance response times

Sandjai Bhulai and Rob van der Mei have been working together for more than twenty years to devise mathematical solutions to a wide array of societal challenges.

How parallel computing can be (in)efficient

Today, we demand much more from our devices and we take for granted that they all work nice and fast. Without realizing, we usually greatly value a speedy processing of our tasks. Speed is thus of the essence, but how do current-day devices cope with this? The answer: your devices can multi-task.

Contest: How fast can you travel around the Netherlands?

. Suppose you are coming to the Netherlands for the first time, you want to enjoy your time in the country in the best possible way and probably visit and see as much as possible. So you rend a car and you decide to travel around. But now the challenge begins, planning such a trip!