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If you visit the homepage of the Network Pages you may get the impression that we focus entirely on communicating mathematics through writing articles. But there is much more!

We invest a lot of time in developing other means of communicating mathematical results as well. On the Network Pages you can also find, for example, science illustrations and videos.

Additional to these, we also invest time and energy into exploring the opportunities that animations and simulations offer!  Have a look at our updated website with a complete list of the animations we have developed until now. An example is shown below, a simulation of a network with communities where a spread of an infection is shown.

These animations were developed by Robert Fitzner and Martijn Gösgens from the Eindhoven University of Technology. Feel free to use them for educational and scientific purposes! We would like to ask you though to mention the Network Pages and link to the website whenever you use an animation. If you have suggestions or wishes for specific animations or simulations, you can contact us at Thanks in advance!