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Back to school!

Last month I was back in the classroom. But this time the kiddos in my class were quite younger than I'm used to: instead of a class of university students, this time I had an enthusiastic group of school students in front of me.

Netsweeper: playing Minesweeper without the old-fashioned grid

If you were born in the previous century, then chances are high that you have spent quite some hours playing Minesweeper, the classic puzzle game that used to be installed on every computer. In this article, we will present a new network-based version of this game and show how network science can help you play this game.

The Mysterious R explained in simple terms

During the Corona pandemic the reproduction number R appeared in much of the media. While it is not at all obvious what this quantity measures exactly, it is obvious that making it smaller than 1 really is crucial in controlling the spread of the virus. So what is this R really?