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During the last semester, I had the pleasure of working with eleven great teams of students in various projects. All of these projects aimed at improving the teaching and communication of mathematics in society.

Some teams worked together with mathematics teachers and developed educational activities for their pupils, a team worked together with mathematics magazines and did research into how to increase their visibility, a team prepared and gave a very nice talk during the opening of IMAGINARY in Amsterdam, another team worked together with the Dutch Forensic Institute on an infographic communicating the prosecutor's fallacy, one other team worked together with a pianist who is inspired by the theory of Lie groups, and another team developed an animation. Yesterday we celebrated during our project festival the successful completion of all projects. It was an amazing and very touching experience working with the students and my colleagues on these projects.

I will write about all eleven projects in due time, but for now, I want to share the result of one project with you. A video on Burnside's Lemma from algebra, made by Samuel Asmeron, Thomas de Boer, Anna Heikamp, and Daan Hoogcarspel, students in the bachelor in mathematics of the University of Amsterdam. Beautifully made and beautifully explained! Enjoy!