Editorial guidelines

The NetworkPages aims to reach a broad audience, ranging from network scientists
with various backgrounds to high- and elementary school teachers and pupils.
Contributors are encouraged to write informally, to avoid formulae and jargon as
much as possible so as to make their contributions understandable to as large an
audience as possible. Humor is a great means to convey messages.

Important points to be considered for submissions are as follows:

  • NetworkPages depends largely on the contributions of volunteers. Everyone
    is warmly encouraged to contribute (so long as the contribution fits the scope of NetworkPages). Contributions can be articles, videos, images, interactive demonstrations, or any other suitable material for NetworkPages, but also editorial work.
  • If you want to contribute to NetworkPages, contact editor@networkpages.nl.
    We will make an author’s account for you on our website, so that you can
    submit the content electronically. This is as easy as submitting a paper to
    the arXiv.
  • NetworkPages is an outreach website maintained by academics that is
    aimed primarily at non-academics. This means that we try to avoid technical
    language, difficult concepts, and mathematical notation whenever possible.
  • If you submit images, please make sure that the files are in a format that
    is compatible with HTML5 (most image files are ok, e.g. .jpg, .png and
    .svg). In particular, we cannot display .pfd and .bmp images. Also make
    sure that the images are of sufficiently high resolution.
  • When you submit an article to NetworkPages, an editor will go over the
    article and possibly suggest changes, e.g. to improve readability for a general
    audience. Editing may involve adjustment of tone and structure of writing.
    We strive to keep edits to a minimum. We will always inform you of edits,
    and ask your permission before publishing edited material.
  • NetworkPages can make interactive demonstrations to go along with articles.
    If you have an idea for such a demonstration, do not hesitate to
    contact us at editor@networkpages.nl.
  • Anything you submit to NetworkPages must be legal. This means that
    copyrighted material can only be published on NetworkPages with the permission
    of the copyright holder.
  • Any original work you submit to NetworkPages will be published under
    the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License, unless a
    different agreement has been made. Please familiarise yourself with this

If you would like to contribute to the NetworkPages, you can find further information in the complete editorial guidelines. You are most welcome to post any further questions to editor@networkpages.nl.

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