Editorial guidelines

On NetworkPages we aim to promote both network science and its real-world applications. We view this primarily as a mathematical endeavor with intimate connections to computer science. Understanding networks science can help readers to improve their understanding of the world around them. We aspire to include connections to other branches of science relating to networks, such as physics, biology, chemistry, economics, sociology, medicine, neuroscience and artificial intelligence. And vice versa, real-world examples can help them understand the mathematics.

With NetworkPages we do both, but the focus lies on the mathematics: it is not necessary that all articles have a practical or applied flavor. Our aim with the articles and the blogs on NetworkPages is to present mathematical and algorithmic aspects of the theory of networks to a broader audience, and to show how amazing this modern scientific field is.

The target readers of NetworkPages consist of a broad audience that is generally interested in mathematics but doesn’t have concrete ambitions related to network science.

Important points to be considered for submissions are as follows:

  • NetworkPages depends largely on the contributions of volunteers. Everyone is warmly encouraged to contribute. Contributions can be articles, videos, images, interactive demonstrations, or any other suitable material for NetworkPages, but also editorial work.
  • If you want to contribute to NetworkPages, contact editor@networkpages.nl.
  • When you submit an article to NetworkPages, an editor will go over the article and possibly suggest changes, e.g. to improve readability for a general audience. We will always inform you of edits, and ask your permission before publishing edited material.
  • NetworkPages can make interactive demonstrations to go along with articles. If you have an idea for such a demonstration, do not hesitate to
    contact us at editor@networkpages.nl.
  • Anything you submit to NetworkPages must be legal. This means that copyrighted material can only be published on NetworkPages with the permission of the copyright holder.
  • Any original work you submit to NetworkPages will be published under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License, unless a different agreement has been made. Please familiarise yourself with this license.

If you would like to contribute to the NetworkPages, you can find further information in the complete editorial guidelines. You are most welcome to post any further questions to editor@networkpages.nl.

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