Masterclass NETWORKS goes to school 2023 - Day 1 in Eindhoven moved to March 31

NETWORKS goes to school 2023

The masterclass of Tuesday February 28 has been moved to Friday March 31!

Because of relatively low registrations for the first day of the masterclass on February 28 we decided to move the first day to March 31. A whole class from a school expressed interest to join the masterclass on March 31, which we loved and decided to make this change! So, does this new date fit you beter than the original one? Then you can still register for the masterclass!

Following the tradition of the last five years, also this year the NETWORKS research program (a mathematics research collaboration between the University of Amsterdam, Leiden University, the Eindhoven University of Technology, and the CWI (Centrum Wiskunde en Informatica)) will be organizing a two-day masterclass on the mathematics behind networks and algorithms. The masterclass will be organized twice, namely

  • in Eindhoven on the campus of the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) on  Thursday 2nd of March and Friday the 31st of March (this is a new date, the original day was February 28 but we had to move it). You can use this form to register for the masterclass in Eindhoven. Deadline: 27th of March.
  • and in Amsterdam on the campus of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) at Science Park on Tuesday 4th and Thursday 6th of April. You can use this form to register for the masterclass in Amsterdam. Deadline 28th of March.

Each two-day event is intended for secondary education students (VWO 5 or VWO 6) and teachers. The event aims to introduce secondary school students with an interest in mathematics to education at a university and to provide them with further deepening in their mathematical knowledge. Participation is free of charge, lunch will also be provided. We may also include a nice tour of the campus. The masterclass will be entirely in English, because we want it to be accessible by students from international schools as well.

The programme will consist of lectures, discussions, exercise sessions, simulations, and maybe some computer programming. All the material will be provided to the participants in a booklet. The speakers for NETWORKS goes to school 2023 are Martijn Gösgens (TU/e) and Nikki Levering (UvA). For the detailed program of the two days, you can have a look here.

Martijn Gösgens – Mathematics and netwoks: detecting communities.

Many real-world phenomena can be phrased in terms of networks. A network consists of objects with connections between them, and possibly also properties of the objects and their connections. In a road network, the objects may be the cities, while the connections are given by the roads between them. In mathematics, a network is called a graph, the objects are called vertices (or nodes), and the connections are called edges.

Communities are groups of nodes that are more densely connected internally than externally. Such communities could, for example, correspond to groups of friends on social media. In this session, you will learn about the mathematics behind networks and how mathematics can help in identifying communities in them!

Martijn Gösgens, PhD candidate in mathematics, TU Eindhoven

Nikki Levering, PhD candidate in mathematics, University of Amsterdam.

Nikki Levering– Mathematics and algorithms: finding the best route on a network.

Have you ever wondered how your phone can compute in less than a second the best route to go from home to your best friend's place? The heart of software is formed by algorithms: step-by-step procedures to perform given tasks. Algorithms can be executed by computers, but also by persons.

Finding the shortest route on a network is a typical example of a mathematical problem which is solved using algorithms. In general, algorithms have evolved into a very modern and important field in mathematics. In this talk, you will learn how mathematicians study and describe algorithms, and you will also make one to find the shortest route between two nodes!

You can read more about the previous editions of the masterclass and also find all the material presented in the previous editions here. In case you have any questions regarding the material or you are interested to use the material feel free to contact us via

We are looking forward to seeing you all there!

The organizers,
also on behalf of Martijn and Nikki,

Nicos Starreveld
Mehmet Akif Yildiz

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