IMAGINARY goes to Amsterdam!

Mathematics exhibition "IMAGINARY: beauty and power of mathematics" is ready to reopen its doors in Amsterdam!

In May the exhibition will be in Amsterdam, from the 8th until the 26th in MACA (Moving Arts Center Amsterdam).

Various activities will be offered during this period. On May 10th there will be an event about Origami, on May 12th there will be the official opening, on the 17th there will be a workshop about symmetries in mathematics and art, and on the 25th a talk about dynamical systems and the climate.


In 2018, the International Congress of Mathematicians was in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and a group of women mathematicians organized a satellite event: the World Meeting for Women in Mathematics (WM)². A delegation of Iranian mathematicians proposed at the meeting the idea of transforming May 12 – the birthday of Maryam Mirzakhani – in a day of international celebration for women mathematicians. This was approved by a vast majority of (WM)² participants and the decision was made to promote the initiative. The May12 initiative brings together local or virtual events celebrating women in mathematics which take place in the period 1 May to 15 June. The main focus are initiatives coming from within academia.

The official opening of IMAGINARY will be on May 12 and will be accompanied by a rich program. During the opening there will be a talk on the work of Maryna Viazovska, one of the four 2022 Fields Medal laureates, the performance Lehmer's dance, and a talk by Claudia Flandoli, author of comics and an illustrator. She also designed the poster of IMAGINARY in Amsterdam.


The NETWORKS program is also present in the exhibition. In the exhibition, you can also see four posters on networks and algorithms! These were made in collaboration with various people and concern the following topics:

Dispatching experts to do maintenance. The poster was created by Stella Kapodistria, assistant professor in the section Stochastics of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the Eindhoven University of Technology, and Peter Verleijsdonk, Doctoral Candidate at the Eindhoven University of Technology. Want to read more about this poster? Have a look at this post!

From tweets to communication networks. The poster was created by Anna Priante, assistant professor at the Department of Technology and Operations Management (Business InformationManagement section) at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. Want to read more about this poster? Have a look at this post!

The Travelling Salesman Problem. The poster was created by Frans de Ruiter who works at the Dutch Data Science Company CQM in Eindhoven. Want to read more about this poster? Have a look at this post!

Structure in social networks. The poster was created by Clara Stegehuis, assistant professor at Twente University. Want to read more about this poster? Have a look at this post!


Where When
MACA (Moving Arts Center Amsterdam), Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 61
May 8-26 
Paul-Henri Spaaklaan 1
June 28 - July 14 

If you want to see the posters, then pick a day and go to the exhibition!

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