First day of Masterclass NETWORKS goes to school

Yesterday the first day of the masterclass NETWORKS goes to school took place! The topic was Mathematics and algorithms: finding the best route on a network.

Finding the shortest route on a network is a typical example of a mathematical problem which is solved using algorithms. In general, algorithms have evolved into a very modern and important field in mathematics. In the first day of the masterclass, we showed how mathematicians study and describe algorithms.

The day started with an introduction into networks and an explanation of Dijkstra's algorithm. Afterwards, Nikki Levering discussed some topics from her own research. Namely, how to make Dijkstra's aglorithm more efficient and how to adapt it so that it can also deal with randomness. 

At the end of the masterclass we visited exhibition IMAGINARY with the whole group and saw all the wonderful posters and interactive applications.  

On Friday the 31st we will be offering the second day of the masterclass on networks and algorithms, the speaker will be Martijn Gösgens from the Eindhoven University of Technology. If you are interested to join, or if you have students who would like to join, let them register here. It is not necessary to have followed the first day to participate in the second day. On the 4th and 6th of April will be offering the whole masterclass in Amsterdam, registrations are open until the 28th of March.

All the material discussed yesterday during the masterclass is gathered in this booklet. We discussed Chapters 1 and 3. Chapter 2 will be covered on the 31st! 

You can read more about the previous editions of the masterclass and also find all the material presented in the previous editions here. In case you have any questions regarding the material or you are interested to use the material feel free to contact us via

We are looking forward to seeing you all there!

The organizers,
also on behalf of Martijn and Nikki,

Nicos Starreveld
Mehmet Akif Yildiz

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